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COOLTECH is the original concept of Dr. Oleg Tochenyy, CEO and main shareholder of the company. From 1996 till 1999 Dr. Tochenyy was General Director of the Russian representation of a Dannish company SABROE Refrigeration A/S one of the biggest producers of industrial compressors. After the acquisition of SABROE by the American company YORK in 2000 with the assistance of our European partners LLC «COOLTECH» was founded that later on developed to the COOLTECH group with the main office in Hamina, Finland.

At the moment COOLTECH group has around 50 employees. We are very proud of our highly skilled engineers and technicians that work together to build our growing portfolio of solutions, available through affiliates and distribution partners around the world. We believe proper selection of our experienced professional team that who work in the company for many years is the key component  to success. COOLTECH group also has a network of regional representatives that guarantee our broad international activities.


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