Pishgaman Tejarat va Tose'e Paydar Engineering Co has succeeded in carrying out various projects for various clients, including disposable manufacturing, drilling, medical industries, petrochemical, refrigeration and cooling industries and Specialized Air Conditioning Systems industries, due to activities in various fields, including supply of equipment, executive and engineering services and manufacturing equipment.


  • Supply of cement laying unit and acid injection and nitrogen pump for contractors of the National Oil & Gas Company of South
  • Supply API pump for Shazand Petrochemical Company
  • Supply of valves for the Arvanandan project
  • Supply of spare parts for drilling industry for some companies such as
  • Supply of ethylene oxide cylinder
  • Helal Iran (Saha)
  • Supa
  • Ava Pezeshk
  • Safa Teb

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Pishgaman Tejarat va Tose'e Paydar

Company incorporated in 1385 with the aim of procurement and industries equipment for country infra instruction specially in the field of petro. 

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