Project execution in the form of EPC

Pishgaman Tejarat va Tose'e Paydar Engineering Co, by relying its technical and executive team, has been able to carry out installation projects including installation of mechanical equipment, installation of various types of chillers, execution of plumbing and cabling projects, implementation of High-voltage and medium-voltage substations with installation of all equipment such as panel, Bus duct and ... air conditioning systems of special industrial spaces with special humidity and temperature conditions, etc. in the form of Turn Key.

This has been achieved by relying the experience of over 20 years of engineering and executive team of this group with experience in the country’s infrastructure projects such as South Pars gas fields, country power plants, cement industries, projects of National Petrochemical Company, International Gulf holding and ....

Also, this company is ready to design, implement, supply equipment, commission and exploit the sports, recreation and entertainment complexes with winter and cold infrastructure (snow and ice) in the form of Turn Key due to the cooperation with internationally renowned companies. These projects include ice hockey resort, patinage, skateboarding, curling and recreational and entertainment complexes such as ice and snow amusement park, icekarting resort, and more.

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Pishgaman Tejarat va Tose'e Paydar

Company incorporated in 1385 with the aim of procurement and industries equipment for country infra instruction specially in the field of petro. 

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